I created the POWER ON brand during a period in 2018 when I was very depressed and hopeless. I had no motivation to do anything or achieve anything. I didn’t even want to exist.

During that time, Quotes gave me a lot of hope and encouraged me to participate in life again. They inspired me to write my own quotes and poems. I didn’t start POWER ON to make money, but more to give people strength and to give them the feeling that the source of all power is in themselves. So soak up this site with all your senses and let the quotes and the clothes give you some good mood, then my goal is already achieved.

Stay happy and healthy and never forget:

„Use your imagination to create your dreams and use your motivaton to turn them into reality.“


„Accept everything that you‘ve been through, adapt to everything you go through and you will overcome everything that lies ahead of you.“

The Founder